$1650 (was $2300)


 "Mini Husky" 

From: Zoe & Montana Sky

D.O.B: 1/19/23

 Estimated Adult Weight: 14-18 lbs

Ready for Adoption After 3/16/23

"Zana" - (female) Hebrew origin meaning "lily"

Zana is the smaller of the 2 girls in this litter. She looks a lot like her dad with the black & white Husky markings. However, she is "bi-eyed"! One blue eye and one brown eye. Super interesting. She's very chill and relaxed so far. Huskies are such beautiful dogs but are often not suitable for apartment living because of their large size and high energy. But these little ones are perfect for almost any living arrangements because they are MINIATURE. This girl should be less than 20 lbs. fully grown.

Shipping is available to some locations. You'll have to tell me which airport and I can do a little flight searching for you.

Zana, Zaafira, & Zavier Enjoying Springtime 3/16/23 | Alaskan Klee Kai/American Eskimo

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Zaafira, Zana & Zavier "Playtime With Mom" 3/16/23 | Alaskan Klee Kai/American Eskimo

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Zoe's "Zavier, Zahi, Zana, & Zaafira" (3/3/23)

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Zoe's Babies 2/20/23 | Alaskan Klee Kai / American Eskimo Puppies

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Parents: Zoe and Montana Sky