Willow is Retiring!!!

She is ... and always will be the FACE of


This is the hardest part of our business.... Letting go of our retiring dogs.

Our BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS girl, Willow, has been so good to us. She was a gift at an emotional time in our lives when she was so needed. She is such an amazingly sweet dog. She is so affectioanate, gentle and cuddly. She will be 9 years old soon and has just weaned her final litter of puppies the end of July. She's about 19 lbs. She is energetic and healthy. Current on vaccines and now spayed. I'll be sending her to my friend's house to be trained indoors for a couple of weeks once she has recovered from her spay surgery. She will be ready for adoption by the end of September.

Her coat is a bit light and sparse right now. That's what happens during summertime as well as after weaning the puppies, they always shed their coats. This winter her coat will bulk up again and be soft and beautiful. Since she is getting older, her coat is a lighter silver than it used to be and she has a lot more of the Eskimo white showing through. She is still very beautiful and doesn't look "old" at all.

We'll be asking $400 for her adoption fee. We will need to be very confident that the home she goes to, will love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. There will be more to the arrangement but we will discuss it with who ever is interested.

These dogs live anywhere from 13-18 years. So, she has lots of life, love and companionship to share with the right person or family.