Why This Breed?


"Mini Husky" 

I'm always excited about our SPECIAL dogs. In my opinion, they are just awesome in so many ways.
We've always admired the wolf and the Husky. Their beauty is unsurpassed. Their majestic, free-spirited nature is awe-inspiring. 
Our dogs are basically a Mini Husky hybrid. The Alaskan Klee Kai breed was achieved by breeding the Alaskan Husky, Siberian Husky, Schipperke, and the Mini American Eskimo. The Alaskan Klee Kai is a new breed (began in the 70's) and weren't recognized as a registerable "breed" until the mid-late 90's. Because the purebred Klee Kai is new and therefore of a limited gene pool, there are higher risks of more health issues.
That's why I think it's great to blend them with the American Eskimo.
The American Eskimo, in general, has a long lifespan and relatively few genetic health issues. The people I got Kirima (my first breeding female) from were breeding full-sized Huskies, Shiba's and Klee Kais. For me personally, I really don't care if the dog is a purebred. A lot of people want the Alaskan Klee Kai because they are relatively rare and are very expensive and therefore a status symbol. I hope the families who adopt our babies
aren't solely out to impress people.
We love the Mini American Eskimo but we've always wished they came with the Wolf/Husky markings. So for us and the people who adopt from us, it's not so much the name of the breed, but the look and personality that we're wanting. There is no registerable breed known as "Mini Husky". The Huskies, Alaskan Klee Kais and Eskimos are all of the "spitz" type and have a similar build.
As I mentioned before, the Wolf and the Husky are very free-spirited. Sometimes this nature can be hard to handle for the average dog owner. They love to run and sometimes will do so for days before returning. They love to burrow and den. It's their inborn nature. They are very intelligent but not so much obedient. Some of them have a strong hunting instinct and so are not trustworthy around smaller animals.
The Eskimos, on the other hand, are naturally domesticated. They bond nicely with other animals including cats. Typically, they are known for their loyalty to their people and above average intelligence. They are among the healthiest breeds and have an average lifespan of 13 to 17 years. Like the Wolf and the Husky, they have very little body odor. They usually smell nice without frequent bathing. Don't get me wrong... Sometimes they do like to roll on something nasty and will, of course, need a bath. But that strong doggy odor that is common with most breeds, is not there with these guys.
I LOVE that about them!
Eskies are naturals at being trained and eager to please. A lot of Eskimos are territorial and so they are alert to protect their people and their territory. Some of them can be barky. But in the barking area, the Huskies tend to be quieter and so many of our pups are on the less vocal side. They definitely bark when there is a need, but not just to hear themselves yap. 
Almost all of our puppies are at least ½ Eskimo. Therefore we do get a lot of white ones. But whether they are white or they have markings, they are stunning!
In general, I personally feel they have so many more desirable characteristics than most other breeds. Just like with any other breed, though, they each have their individual personalities and sometimes don't act like either parent. But our goal is always the same... To produce beautiful, healthy dogs with desirable personalities that will bring their families joy, companionship, entertainment, and love for years to come.
Please take a few minutes (or longer … LOL) to browse through our “Puppy Galley” and our “Happy Families” pages and
really SEE our dogs for what they are.