TERMS & CONDITIONS for Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Application

First, I will need a referral from your doctor stating that you need an Emotional Support Animal and that they believe you are capable of and will likely be a good pet owner. In other words, you cannot have anger management issues, or physical limitations that would prevent you from taking your dog out to go potty or to be able to follow a good feeding/watering schedule.

Secondly, I'll need proof of low income. (Example: A letter from your state, county, or Social Security approving you for financial assistance dated within 6 months from date you are applying with us.) You will be required to make a minimal investment of $200 of your own money. In this way you show you value this beloved companion and that it’s not just a “free dog” that can be neglected or discarded.

Thirdly, I will need a referral from your landlord stating that you are a stable tenant. You don’t move frequently. You have a safe environment for a dog and that you have permission to have this dog. I will need phone numbers and addresses so that I can make calls to verify the information.
I will provide an adoption agreement that you will be required to sign.

Finally, our hope (NOT a requirement) is that you will share with us updates on your dog every now and then and allow us to share your experience on the website.


1. ESA applicant or adoptive family has 3 business days to have the puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at their own expense IF THEY CHOOSE. If the vet check reveals serious health issues, adoptive family may choose to exchange defective puppy/dog for another ESA eligible puppy/dog.* (See clauses) CLAUSES
a) Adoptive family is responsible for transportation.
b) If the adoptive family fails to obtain the veterinary exam by 3 business days, they understand that the sale is final and the Health Guarantee is void.
c) Adoptive family must contact the breeder within these 3 business days if the puppy is to be returned.
d) Breeder (Kathy), at her own expense, may have her own vet examine the puppy before refund or exchange is agreed to, in order to verify the unsatisfactory condition of the puppy. Kathy has 3 business days after the puppy is returned to have this done.
2. Kathy is not responsible for any vet bills incurred.
3. Kathy does not guarantee against accidents, neglect, or abuse of the puppy. Nor does she guarantee against giardia, coccidiosis, or common parasites such as fleas or worms.
4. Puppy may be returned for any reason; however, the adoptive family understands that no refund, exchange, or compensation will be given except in the event that condition #1 applies.
5. Puppy is GUARANTEED against any life-threatening, genetic health problems until two years of age.
6. Pet ONLY. Unless otherwise stated, this puppy is of mixed breed and ancestry is not guaranteed. Kathy and the adoptive family mutually agree that this dog will not be used as a breeder (proof of spay or neuter required at 6 months).
7. All photos and videos taken prior to arriving to you, are property of Kathy Gomez (Beloved Little Huskies Pets & Photography) and can be used however she chooses, whether for business or personal use.

* ESA eligible puppy/dog is one of our 14 week or older puppies or retired adult dog.