Tammy's Pack

So, far Tammy has a pack of "3" including our sweet little "India", her little daughter from Sky, "Princess Leia", as well as a beautiful Golden Lab named Zoey. But for now, I will just have India and Leia until I get some good "family" photos.

~ Female ~
Eskimo/Alaskan Klee Kai/Teeny bit of Pomeranian
Black, white and silver Husky markings
16 lbs
This little "wilderness princess" is like a critter from the wild. She is very loving with her family but pretty skittish around strangers. I was keeping her here with my other dogs because I loved her sweet, affectionate personality and wanted her to be part of my pack. However, as she grew up she became more distant and I saw the need to change her environment. So, she now lives with Tammy, a close family friend not far away. Now she has the one-on-one attention that is specific to her individual needs. She's doing great and they love her.