Mini Husky/Eskimo

From: Little Sheila and Charlie

DOB: 5/20/21

Ready for Adoption After: 7/15/21

Estimated Adult Weight: 12-15 lbs

"Naseem" is Arabic for "fresh air". My friend from Lebanon was visiting when they were born. She chose all of the names for Sheila's babies. Naseem is a real sweetheart. He's not very outgoing yet but he very gentle and mellow. So far he is not the most photogenic puppy but I know he'll grow up to be a pretty little Eskie. This small size is not very common, so I know that the size and personality will really be desireable points when deciding to bring this adorable little guy into your family.

Be sure to check back weekly for updated pictures and videos. The videos are at the bottom of this page.

Sheila is a beautiful little purebred Miniature American Eskimo. She has the sweetest personality. She is the loviest little girl ever Charlie has the perfect "Mini Husky" look. He's a very friendly and energetic fellow. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the videos.

Sheila's Pups (7/19/21)

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Sheila's Pups 7/7/21

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Sheila's Pups 6-30-21

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Sheila's Pups 4 Weeks Old 6/18/21

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Sheila's Boys - 3 Weeks old (6/10/21)

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Sheila's Boys 6/10/21

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Sheila's Boys ~ 2 Weeks Old (6-1-21)

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Sheila's Pups 5/26/21 (6 days old)

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