***Scam Alert***


Unfortunately we live in a time where there is a lack of "love for neighbor". Scamming and fraud is so common that we can't simply talk to someone and take them for their word. Several people have confided in me that they went through the adoption process of getting a puppy online, only to have their heart broken to never receive their puppy after having paid all the fees. That is very sad and my heart goes out to them.

We are not immune to lies and scams here either. In November 2022, I was contacted by someone claiming to be Darin Web from Liverpool and he was interested in adopting my puppy, Woody. When I found out his location, I explained to him that I could not ship a puppy overseas. He then proceeded to tell me that he just saw my website on a scam alert website. At that point I figured he was another scammer trying to get me to follow a link and somehow gain access to my personal information. I quit communicating with him.

Since then, I have periodically done a Google search of my website to see what comes up. To my dismay, there are several websites listing Beloved Little Huskies as a scam. All of them seem to have been posted in November. So, I assume they are connected to that person claiming to be Darin Web. Obviously, their claims that we are scammers are definitely not true. I don't know how to get my site removed from those sites. I just have to trust that people who visit my site will take the time to call me and speak to me in-person if they are in any way uneasy about adopting a puppy from us.

We rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and we are very thankful to have so many people that we have interacted with over the years who have supported us and continue to give positive feedback. Please be sure to visit our "Happy Families" pages. We'll always be willing do video chats along with all the videos we provide.

I know this "person" is not an unhappy customer because, I've never had a complaint that I couldn't resolve. So, it has to be either a competitor who is disguising their identity and location, or it is a scammer who is somehow going to later offer to "help me out" with this situation for a fee. At any rate... I'm not falling for it.

My family and I hope you all stay safe.

~ Kathy, Donna, Ben, Christina and Tammy (and families) ~