Mini Husky (blue-eyes)


D.O.B. 6/13/22

From: Meadowlark and Montana Sky

Estimated Adult Weight:

Ready for Adoption: 8/8/22

Two little boys born 6/13/22. I am calling them Calvin and Hobbes, after a comic strip that my oldest son (now 30 years old) liked when he was a little kid.

Keep checking back every week or so to see new pictures of them.

Calvin is our precious blue-eyed boy. He is silver with white markings and has his daddy's beautiful blue eyes. He is the more reserved of the two boys. He sticks like glue to the person he is most used to. He will be the best and most beautiful companion you can hope for. With this light silver coloring I have to let you know that it is possible for it to fade to almost white (like Butterfly) but it is also possible for it to darken. I wish I knew for sure which direction it would go, but I'm inclined to think he will get lighter. That will actually look really beautiful with those blue eyes. So, either way he will be gorgeous.

Meadow & Dovie's Pups (7/22/22)

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Meadow and Dovie's Babies 7/22/22

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7/7/22 Meadow's Boys (Calvin & Hobbes)

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6/27/22 Meadow's Babies @ 2 Weeks old

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