Female "Pomskie"

D.O.B. 1/30/19

Ready for Adoption 3/27/19

Estimated Adult Weight: 8-12 lbs

From Chantilly Lace and Zephyr

(American Eskimo/Alaskan Klee Kai-Pomeranian)

ELENA is the only girl. She is a beautiful, silver pup with a shorter coat. Believe it or not, she will look a lot like her dad. She's small like him as well. She is very sweet and has a no-nonsense attitude with her brothers. She might be small but she keeps them in their place.

Lacey's Pomskie Puppies 3/16/19

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Lacey's Babies Learning to Hike 3/16/19

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Lacey's Pomskie Pups (and Stark) 3/8/19

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Lacey's Pomskie Puppies (and Stark) 3/8/19

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Lacey's "Pomskie" Puppies 2/18/19

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