Mini Husky


D.O.B. 7/19/20

Ready for Adoption: 9/13/20

From Kira (19 lbs) and River (15 lbs)

Estimated Adult Weight: 35 lbs

(Estimated adult weight is calculated by an online prediction chart. It is usually pretty close but sometimes it ends up being way off.)

It looks like Sweet Pea is developing narkings. Right now it looks like she has very pronounced eye liner. This Estimated Adult weight looks like it is not accurate in my opinion. There are only 2 puppies in this litter, so I have a feeling that predicted weight will go down in the coming weeks. Don't forget to watch the videos below. Her mom is so cute! She thought she was small enough to fit into my puppy basket.

Kira's Pups 8/1/20 Two Weeks

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Kira's Girls - 1 week 7/26/20

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Kira's Pups 7-22-20 (3 days old)

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