Mini Husky


D.O.B. 7/19/20

Ready for Adoption: 9/13/20

From Kira (19 lbs) and River (15 lbs)

Estimated Adult Weight: 24 lbs

(Estimated adult weight is calculated by an online prediction chart. It is usually pretty close but sometimes it ends up being way off.)

Daisy is going to be a beautiful little white Husky. She has the slightest hints of silver in her undercoat. That silver might fade completely or it might get a little more noticeable as she gets older. If you choose her, you will need to be happy with either possiblility. Please don't miss the videos below.

Kira's Pups 8/1/20 Two Weeks

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Kira's Girls - 1 week 7/26/20

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Kira's Pups 7-22-20 (3 days old)

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