"Mini Husky/Eskimo"

D.O.B. 6/12/19

Ready for Adoption

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-18 lbs

From Kira and Forest

(Alaskan Klee Kai/American Eskimo)

Arvada is the smallest in her litter. She started off being shy but has really blossomed and is full of spunky personality. She has beautiful markings and is only expected to be in the 15 pound range as an adult. That's the perfect size for apartment dwelling but still great for outdoor, fun activities.

Kira and Forest are her parents. Both parents are exceptionally affectionate and gentle. Kira is VERY quiet. Forest is a little more vocal but never excessive in his barking. Forest literally wraps his paws around your arm when you pet him because he doesn't want you to stop. I know this little lady will be just as awesome and beautiful as her parents. I couldn't get the pictures of Forest to load properly on this page so you'll have to look at him under "Kathy's Pack".

Kira's - Arvada and Aspen 8-9-19

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Kira's Babies 8-9-19

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Kira's Sleepy Pups 8 wks old

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Kira's Pups 8-9-19

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Kira's 7-22-19

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Kira's 7-21-19

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Kira's Babies 7-10-19

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Kira's Girls 2-1/2 Weeks 7/1/19

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