"Mini Husky/Eskimo"

D.O.B. 6/12/19

Ready for Adoption

Estimated Adult Weight: 22-25 lbs

From Kira and Forest

(Alaskan Klee Kai/American Eskimo)

Alamosa has that perfect silver "Husky" coloring. She's very sweet and loving. She has beautiful markings and is expected to be in the 22-25 pound range as an adult. She's a bit on the big side but still suitable for apartment dwelling and will be a great hiking buddy.

Kira and Forest are her parents. Both parents are exceptionally affectionate and gentle. Kira is VERY quiet. Forest is a little more vocal but never excessive in his barking. Forest literally wraps his paws around your arm when you pet him because he doesn't want you to stop. I know this little lady will be just as awesome and beautiful as her parents. I couldn't get the pictures of Forest to load properly on this page so you'll have to look at him under "Kathy's Pack".

Kira's Babies 8-9-19

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Kira's Sleepy Pups 8 wks old

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Kira's Pups 8-9-19

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Kira's 7-22-19

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Kira's 7-21-19

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Kira's Babies 7-10-19

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Kira's Girls 2-1/2 Weeks 7/1/19

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