"Mini Husky/Eskimo"

D.O.B. 5/15/19

Ready for Adoption July 10th

Estimated Adult Weight: 14-17 lbs

From Kiara and Charlie

(American Eskimo/Alaskan Klee Kai)

Shiro looks like a twin to her sister, Sharona, except she a bit smaller. She is mostly cream and white. She looks like a purebred Eskimo with hints of gold on her ears and tail. She's a sweetheart, affectionate, and playful. She was a little bossy with her siblings even though she was quite a bit smaller. She is the perfect size for a smaller dwelling but is still going to be big enough to keep up with a good exercise routine and outdoor activities. I think she's way cuter in person than in pictures. When we point the camera at her, she gets all shy and looks silly with her ears all flattened. But she really is a cutie.

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Kiara's "Mikasu, Marco, Lucy, Leon and Sharona, " 7-27-19

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Kiara's Kiddos 7 8 19

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Kiara and Charlie's Girls 6/16/19

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