"Mini Husky"

(Klee Kai/Eskimo)

D.O.B. 12/22/19

Ready for Adoption 2/16/20

Estimated Adult Weight: 21-23 lbs

From Kiara and Charlie

(Alaskan Klee Kai - American Eskimo)

Rosie is a pretty special little girl. It often takes time for puppies from different litters to feel comfortable and friendly with one another. But not so with little Rosie. She quickly and easily made friends with her next-door "brothers". With her easy-going nature, she was immediately accepted and blended right in with the other litter.

I'm sure she will fit right in with your "pack".

Kiara's "Rosie" 2-7-20

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Kiara's Mini Husky Pups 1-19-20

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Jenna and Kiara's "Mini Huskiy" Puppies 1-19-20

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Kiara and Jenna's Mini Huskies 1-19-20

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Mini Husky Puppies (Kiara and Charlie's) 1-19-20

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