"Princess Leia"


Mini Husky/Eskimo
DOB: 3/27/21
From Kiara and Charlie
Estimated Adult weight: 15-18 lbs
Ready for Adoption: 5/22/21

Right now I don't have a lot of information to record for these individual puppies. But please keep watching the website and seeing the new pictures and videos as they are posted.

Kiara is a very "wolfy" looking, energetic Eskimo/Klee Kai that weighs about 23 lbs. Charlie is an absolutely adorable little Eskimo/Klee Kai weighing just about 15 lbs. He's very friendly and loveable. I don't have any video just yet, but next week I will have one for you.

Kiara's "Princess Leia" 4/26/21

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Kiara's "Luke and Leia" 4/26/21

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Kiara's "Princess Leia" 4-14-21

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