Kathy's Pack 




(Apache Tears)
~ Female ~
Alaskan Klee Kai / American Eskimo
Silver and white
22 lbs
Apache was a beautiful little puppy. She had little silver tear drop markings under her eyes which was the inspiration for her name, "Apache Tears". But those markings have faded and are barely visible now. She is one of our prettiest little huskies. She has a gorgeous thick coat, perfect "Husky" markings, and an amazing fluffy tail. She is a sweet girl but slightly timid with strangers.


~ Female ~
3/4 Eskimo/ 1/4 Alaskan Klee Kai
Mostly white and cream
15 lbs
Meadow is my sweet, shy girl. She loves playing with Sheila.
She is very beautiful, and resembles a white fox but with a curled tail.
She has the Eskimo color with the Husky build and coat.

"Neeta and Jade"

We're super excited to have Neeta and Jade join our packs. Neeta is our darkest "wolf" with pretty brown eyes. I expect she will be 14-16 lbs when she is grown. Jade is our first blue-eyed girl. She is the daughter of Jasmine and Sky. She will also likely be small like Neeta (14-16 lbs). Hopefully we will be able to have babies from them in the Spring or Summer of 2022.


(Sun or Sunny)
~ Male ~
Alaskan Klee Kai / Eskie / Pomeranian
11 lbs

"Sunrise" was a name inspired by a trip we took to Klamath Lake where we took the most gorgeous pictures of the golden sunrise. He is the son of Dovie (Alaskan Klee Kai/American Eskimo) and Zephyr (Alaskan Klee Kai/Pomeranian). He was a light golden color as a baby but you can see how he has developed the beautiful silver markings. He looks like a little fox. He is so sweet, affectionate and loves to be held and loved on. He is just 5 days older than Montana Sky and the two of them have grown up like brothers from about 10 weeks old. They are great buddies except when Sunny decides he's the tougher "man". Then Sky submits and let's him be the boss.

"Montana Sky"

"Montana Sky"
~ Male ~
Alaskan Klee Kai
15 lbs
In January 2021, Mom and I took a trip to Billings, Montana to pick up our first blue-eyed pup. The trip was absolutely beautiful! It was unfortunate that we couldn't take it slow and thoroughly enjoy it because of the pandemic. But the trip was so worth it. Montana's blue skies are so vast and magnificently beautiful. Our tiny pup might not be "vast and magnificent" but he truly is beauful with those piercing blue eyes. He is such a gentle, loving pup. He surprises me how calm and laid back he is. We love him so very much and we're so glad he's part of our family.