"Mini Husky"

(Klee Kai/Eskimo)

D.O.B. 12/14/19

Ready for Adoption 2/8/20

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-17 lbs

From Jenna and Charlie

(Alaskan Klee Kai - American Eskimo)

Wow! It's so hard not to pick a "favorite" when you're dealing with these little guys. Yoda, here, has an amazing little personality. He's spunky and playful and so affectionate. He likes to romp around but he also LOVES to be in your lap. He does like to chew on your hands when you're holding him, though. So, that will need to be worked on while he's a puppy. But he is such a "love" and whoever adopts him better be prepared for everyone to love their dog because he loves everyone, too.

I apologize for the most recent video being so terrible. I'll try to get better ones soon.

Jenna's "Yoda" 2-7-20

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Jenna and Kiara's "Mini Huskiy" Puppies 1-19-20

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Kiara and Jenna's Mini Huskies 1-19-20

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Mini Husky Puppies (Kiara and Charlie's) 1-19-20

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Jenna's 12-26-19 (12 days old)

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