"Mini Husky"

(Klee Kai/Eskimo)

D.O.B. 12/14/19

Ready for Adoption 2/8/20

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-17 lbs

From Jenna and Charlie

(Alaskan Klee Kai - American Eskimo)

Wicket was the most outgoing of all of his siblings from the beginning. Now the others are also outgoing. He is a little more dominant and bossy than the others. He is quite cute, though. I was, at first, a bit bummed that Wicket was not very affectionate during our first few visits, but he has warmed up and actually wants to be held and loved once he's gotten familiar with us and his new surroundings.

He's very cute. It looks like his coat will be the shorter type and will turn more gray and "wolfy" looking as he gets older. He has a cute little pink stripe on his nose and a pink upper lip as well. That might not be the most desirable trait for what most people are looking for, so I have lowered his price a little for that reason. But there are quite a few folks out there that love those little "imperfections" and actually find them even more endearing and attractive than the others. He's very playful, energetic. curious about everything.

I think once he has bonded with his human, he will be very loyal and protective.

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Jenna's "Wicket" 2-7-20

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Jenna's "Wicket" 1-19-20

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Mini Husky Puppies (Kiara and Charlie's) 1-19-20

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Jenna and Kiara's "Mini Huskiy" Puppies 1-19-20

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Kiara and Jenna's Mini Huskies 1-19-20

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Jenna's 12-26-19 (12 days old)

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