"Mini Husky" 

From: Jenna & Sky

 July 4, 2022

 Estimated Adult Weight: 16-20 lbs

Ready for Adoption

After 8/29/22

Lizzy is so pretty! She looks a lot like Jenna with all that extra white coloring on her. She also has a shorter tail than the typical Mini Huskies. She is already shining with an outgoing, adventurous personality. She'll bring so much joy to her new family. Her unique tail will only make her more "special". So far, Christina is especially drawn to her personality. I think SHE might be our little July 4th FIRECRACKER... we will see...

We're behind in our pictures and videos, so, please be patient and check back regularly for updates.

Jenna's "Lizzy" 7/17/22

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Jenna's Babies 7/17/22

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