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D.O.B. 1/30/21

From: Jasmine and Zephyr

Ready for adoption: 3/27/21

Estimated Adult Weight: 19-22 lbs

Hazzard is a sturdy, chunky little guy and is a blend of Alaskan Klee Kai/Mini American Eskimo/Pomeranian. There is not a lot to say about his personality yet because he's so young. I will keep posting updates as they grow and more personality becomes evident. His daddy Zephyr is now retired these puppies will be the last opportunities to get some of his adorable little babies. Zephyr has such a nice energetic, happy personality. He loves going for walks and hikes even though he is such a little guy. He's a good watchdog and does not warm up to strangers immediately but will within a few minutes. He's very much of a "pleaser". Jasmine is a lot bigger and she is silky soft and about as sweet and cuddly as you can get. She's very beautiful and looks like a purebred Eskimo.

Please make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the pictures and videos of him. I'll try to ad more pictures each week.

Jasmine's Pups 3/5/21 "Hazzard"

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"Hazzard" (2/26/21)

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"Hazzard" 2/18/21 (2-1/2 weeks)

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Jasmine's Pups 11 Days Old (2/10/21)

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