$1200 (was $1500)

Mini Husky


D.O.B. 9/7/22

From: Jasmine & Sunrise

Estimated Adult Weight: 9-14 lbs

Ready for Adoption After: 11/4/22

I think Little Bo Peep is as cute as they come. She looks like a teeny tiny Eskie. She has a super friendly, outgoing personality. Like most of our tiny ones, she is spunky, sassy and has a little "attitude". All of which makes her irresistible. She gets along well with the other dogs but gets a little "angry" if they think they are going to rough her up with rowdy play. She the "boss". In the video you can see how she is the smallest but she snuggles right in with the pile of puppies. Fern's big, dark, baby-ish huskies were just introduced to and put together with Jasmine's older but smaller pups in that last video. They were a little unsure of each other at first but by the time we did the videos a couple of hours later, they were like they had always been together.

Keep in mind that if you can meet in Portland, Kelso, Tacoma or Tukwila on Saturday, December 3rd, I will give a big discount.

Jasmine and Fern's Pups 11/17/22

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Jasmine's Puppies Playing with the Kids 11/3/22

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Jasmine's Pups with the Kids (11/3/22)

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Jasmine's Pups 10/28/22

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Jasmine's Pups 9/30/22

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