$1000 (was $1900)


"Mini Husky"

From: Jade & Starry Ridge

D.O.B: 6/30/23

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-20 lbs

Ready for Adoption

Helm looks like a twin to Hatch. Helm has the right blue eye like his brother. His blue eye has more brown than blu and it just reminds me of deep, dark waters. The "sea/boat" theme is fitting for him. He is so playful and friendly. I love watching him tuck his tail and run like a crazy boy around his yard. He is definitely a fun puppy, full of personality.

Jade's Boys and Fern 8/19/23

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8/19/23 Jade’s

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8/19/23 The Boys New Toys

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Jade’s Boys Playing 8/19/23

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The Six Boys of Jade and Starry Ridge 8/10/23 | Alaskan Klee Kai American Eskimo

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