$1450 (was $1900)


"Mini Husky"

From: Jade & Starry Ridge

D.O.B: 6/30/23

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-20 lbs

Ready for Adoption

We've been hoping for a fluffy, blue-eyed puppy for awhile now. Bouy ALMOST fits the bill. He has ONE beautiful blue eye. :) Oh well... even though he doesn't have both blue eyes, he is such a gem. He is sweet and friendly and his personality will make him the most attractive dog in the world. He reminds me of a blue-eyed Arctic Wolf. Don't know if there is such a thing, but if there was, he would be it.

Jade's Boys and Fern 8/19/23

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8/19/23 Jade’s

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8/19/23 The Boys New Toys

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Jade’s Boys Playing 8/19/23

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The Six Boys of Jade and Starry Ridge 8/10/23 | Alaskan Klee Kai American Eskimo

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