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New Food Recommendation

So, for the past couple of years, we have been feeding our dogs a grain-free food, basically because we got several requests from people buying puppies from us that that is what they wanted for their puppies. So rather than feeding their puppies separately, we just switched the food we were feeding all of our dogs to grain-free. 

However, this past week, our vet asked if we were aware that studies are now showing a connection between heart issues in grown dogs to the grain-free diet. We had not heard that. It is unclear, as of yet, whether this is caused from the lack of grain, or if it's because of the things they are putting in place of the grains.

So, we are now switching back to our old dog food of choice. Our vet recommended the Costco's premium food because of the bone and joint supplements and the variety of ingredients including brown rice, fruits, veggies and Glucasamine and Chondroitin. We choose this particular one because it's ingredients are closest to that of the puppy food. We give this also to the puppies because we find that actual "puppy food" often cause soft poop. That's no fun. The Kirkland brand offers differnt options but this one in the purple bag is the one we like best.

We have always believed that a BALANCED diet was best. To us, the "grain-free" and the "raw meat olnly" diets are not balanced. Even carnivorous animals in the wild eat a variety of things including grasses, roots and berries in addition to their meat proteins. So, even though we haven't had any health issues with our adult dogs yet, we are confident that switching back to a diet that includes grains is best. When you get your puppy, we will give you a small quart sized bag of this food and you can gradually transition him/her over to whatever food choice YOU think is best.