Happy Families

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We've been so privileged and happy to be able to stay in contact with so many wonderful families who have adopted our precious little “fur babies”.
I haven't posted all of our positive feedback. I will keep adding more little by little. It's so exciting to see how much these babies have enriched people's lives. Most of them have become such a contributing factor to the joy and contentment of their families. Some serve as Emotional Support Animals, therapy dogs, and one has even been trained to be a medical alert dog. (Thanks, Ann & Leeloo!!!)
Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to these pages.

Steven & Valerie's "Louie"

(From Zoe & River - 27 lbs)

"Louie is the most perfect dog we could have ever hoped for! His favorite thing in the world is giving sweet kisses. He also enjoys going to the beach and hiking. He thrives in nature. He's keeping us active and we are going on so many adventures because of him. We love him very much."

~ Valerie and Steven

Velerie's "Louie" Enjoying Agility | Alaskan Klee Kai American Eskimo

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Valerie's "Louie" | Alaskan Klee Kai American Eskimo

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Diana's "Kalea"

(From Summer and Charlie ~ 2021)

"We didn't know she was part Meerkat....she's adorable and so very loved. Kalea is so wonderful. We adore her as do the rest of the pack. She's so smart and she loves to cuddle and she makes us laugh all day long. I think about my mother everyday and watch lil Kalea running around and how my mom laughed and laughed when I showed her the puppy videos. My mom's middle name was Joy so Kalea/Joy was meant to be mine to ease the grief."

Alisa's "Brenna"

(From Jasmine and Sky)

How precious is this!!!

I hope I will be able to add pictures of these two 10 years down the road. Little Genevieve loves her puppy and her puppy loves her. Genevieve's mom (Alisa) says these two are like "littermates." Together, they are a big pile of play everyday.

~ December 2021 ~

~ December 2022 ~


She has been a perfect match for us and we love her SO much. She and her girl enjoy playing fetch and running through the snow... she loves eating icicles, and hiking in the mountains, and sleeping in the biggest stack of blankets she can find.

~ The Randle Family ~

Faith's "Amana and Koa"

Faith has been an amazing young lady. She chose to adopt one of our biggest and most rambunctious puppies I had seen from our dogs. But Faith was in love and took Amana with full confidence that she would be a perfect fit. Amana turned into such a fantastic dog that I now realize that a puppy cannot be judged by their "puppy behavior"... Amana is a very well-behaved girl who is very sociable and loves children and other dogs.

Faith loved Amana so much that she decided to get her a little brother. Koa has also turned out to be a super sweetheart. He and Amana are best buddies. Thanks to Faith and her mom, Chrissie, I have an entire photo album of these adored pups. :)

Amana is from Jenna and D'Artagnan

Koa is from Jenna and Charlie

Kristina's "Silla"

From Fern and Little River

Kristina has been so wonderful to continue keeping me updated on little Silla.


"Silla is amazing! Had great 1st night (hoping will continue 2nite)... Also had great 2nd day: she already learned sit, stand, leash on, heel, kennel up, go potty, sound to 'not' do something, fetch ball, bed, out, settle. She whined 1st day when I was out of sight but has already stopped that. I love her so much! SO GRATEFUL to you, Kathy and your mom!"


"Hope I'm not bugging you, but just have to say how happy, thrilled, and in love both me and my boy cat (and everyone) is with Silla... I am so proud of her (you can tell Fern)!"

Cindy's "Lumi"

(From Willow and Little River)

"We love our Lumi.....I think Lumi is one of a kind. Lol She is one smart girl full of love and climbs like a mountain goat. We love her and you for making HER happen! Please take care!!! xoxo"

"Hi Kathy!!! I hope all is well there! Lumi says hi!! She is the sweetest and SMARTEST beyond belief! Her fur grew like she has a lion cut. It's so cute."

Jennifer's "Rane"

(From Butterfly & Zephyr)

"Rane has truly been a joy. She is a great travel companion, loves to play and meet new people and dogs. We call her the puppy ambassador since she always has to run up and greet other dogs as they come into the dog park. 
She’s smart and sassy to the core. Her excitement when we come home, play or even lay and snuggle warms our hearts. Shes always watching what going on and making sure we are ok.  We know when she barks somethings up, cause other then play time she doesn’t bark, we love that guard dog part of her.  She’s 9 lbs of fluff and joy. People are always amazed, as are we, by her coloring. Her grey undercoat really comes out when she’s wet. 
We can not thank you enough as she has brought us so much joy and laughter."
~ Jennifer ~

As you can see... This littla gal started off being a different color and our size chart predicted her to be 16 lbs. So, we were a little off. But I don't think her family is at all disappointed in her. :)