Happy Families 


We've been so privileged and happy to be able to stay in contact with so many wonderful families who have adopted our precious little “fur babies”. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this page.


Angela's "Keva" & "Kovu"

These two are both from Kira's very first litter. Keva weighs just 12-1/2 lbs and her brother is 27 lbs. What a difference!!!



I have been thinking about you and how I haven't sent any new pictures in a while....If I could have a herd of these little guys I would, and I would only come to you. When I was looking for them, I did not really want one. It was for my husband he always wanted one and as you know I wanted to get him one for his birthday. I think now how wrong I was. Keva and Kovu are my world. They are the best dogs I have ever had. I Have attached a few more pictures for you.

~ “Keva & Kovu's” Angela ~

Amy & Steve's “Briar”



Hi, Kathy! 

Briar is doing great- the vet says he's a healthy healthy boy... Briar has been hiking and snowshoeing with us a bunch and he goes jogging with Steve or I 3-4 times per week. Briar is very active, a great addition to our family, and we love our little boy. Him and Apollo are the best of friends. Hope you like the picture I attached! ~ Amy 



Briar has become such a huge part of our family and I could not imagine life without him. He is so much fun, the perfect size for anything! He loves hiking, cuddling, and playing with our Alaskan husky Apollo. We really do love him so much and are so thankful that Kathy brought him into our lives.

Paul's "Boomer"



“Kathy was an outstanding breeder to work with. It was my first time getting a dog thru a breeder online. Boomer was two time zones and 2000 miles away. Kathy met me at the airport at 4 am to make the transfer happen. She is very caring as a breeder and made it very easy on me. Boomer has been a god send to our family. We have 4 kids but Boomer makes 5. He is definitely one of the family and a hit in our lake community. Thanks, Kathy!“ 

~ “Boomer's” Paul ~


Ann's “Leeloo”



Ann's “Leeloo” 15 lbs 

“Leeloo is an absolute love! She has trained to be my service dog and is about 85% on task with alerts. She is intelligent and sweet. It's fantastic to have her help me and be such a great companion. She handles huge crowds, hospitals, equipment, etc. like a mature dog, but loves to cut loose with my granddaughter...I really appreciate what a wonderful dog she is!” ~ Ann


Note from Kathy: 

Ann says that her only real complaint is all the attention that Leeloo attracts when they go out. 

Chanel's “Lolly”



Chanel's “Lolly”   14 lbs 



Lolly is wonderful. She has more than warmed up to us. ...other than the usual puppy stuff, she is the perfect pup. She is incredibly smart and is very receptive to training. She knows 10 tricks so far and probably 20 commands... I can't imagine life without Lolly. She goes to work with me and is PERFECT for traveling.  ~Chanel



She's great! Such an incredible little dog. I realized why we had such a rough start. Since she was a bit older, she must have bonded with your family and the other pups. But boy o boy is she bonded with us now! … Not sure if it's her or the breed, but she is so intelligent. She knows SO many words. I teach her new ones all the time. You can talk to her and she tries to listen and understand. ~Chanel

Dawn's “Kibo”




Good morning Kathy! I just wanted to let you know that Kibo is doing very very well. He's so smart and knows so many commands. We are in puppy school with him and have had one class so far but he's already learned so many at home...He's such a handsome sweet baby. He's everything and more you said he would be. He's such an amazing gift. Thank you.”  ~ Dawn



Kathy, he is pretty much potty trained! No accidents in weeks. He rings the bell with his nose and sits by the door. He is so smart! He loves running errands and sits calmly in the shopping cart and everyone comes over to love on him. He is so special.  ~ Dawn


Note from Kathy: 

This guy blew away our growth estimate chart! At 11 weeks we charted his estimated adult weight to be 17.2 lbs. He ended up being over 24 lbs.

Kelsey's “Ember”



“Kathy was wonderful to work with. She is quick to respond and really takes great care of the pups! She sent me updates of Ember every week until I was able to bring her home! We still can’t go anywhere without people stopping to give her attention. Ember has such a loving & friendly personality. I can’t imagine my life without her!”  ~ Kelsey

Mathew's “Meeko”





Hope your trip into Seattle went well! My goodness Meeko is so much fun! The first day he was a little quiet, I'm sure all the newness was a lot for him to absorb. We had a football tournament this weekend, and took him out to the field he met tons of new people, and made new friends. He is extremely well behaved for a puppy, he had a great time with my friends Shiba Inu, they are going to be best buds....Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy,.. I'll continue to keep in touch and provide updates along the way. 

 Happy, proud new papa, 




Hey Kathy! ...Meeko is so awesome... doesn't really have a relationship yet with Ellie, but he's very curious and sooo jealous. He used to go everywhere I went, but now he follows baby and Emily around. he's gained a few pounds, around 30lbs... he looks like a mini malamute now. Best dog ever... I'm so glad we were able to find you. ... contact me anytime! ~ Matt



Hello, Kathy! 

That's awesome that you're building a website... I could not have been more thrilled with the process of buying a puppy from you. From start to finish, the process was extremely professional, and we would happily purchase another from you. We absolutely love Meeko, he is an excellent companion, guardian, and valued member of our family. ~ Matt

Candy's “Timber”



Candy's “Timber”  26 lbs 

 “He's extremely smart and is really such a lovebug.” (Regarding behavior) “Mostly he still gets excited when we have company and jumps up on people and is extremely strong so you kinda have to brace yourself when he's coming. But he's very friendly and loves to play fetch. He knew that when he came from you. It was great!” ~ Candy


 My response: 

“You might want to try a spray bottle with water and a bit of vinegar. Whenever he jumps up, say “NO!” and then spritz him with it. Do it every time and he will eventually get the idea... Be sure to praise him when he does good.”