Introducing our Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Program!!!

During these critical times in which we live, there are many factors that can be a hinderance or a healing to our overall well-being.
Because we want to help those ones in our community in some way, we have decided to launch our “ESA Program” page involving our dogs/puppies. Most likely, it will have to be limited to a somewhat local radius of our home base since travel and delivery can be very expensive. I'm sure that exceptions to this can be arranged. This is a very new and experimental idea for us, so we will be refining and altering it as we learn from our experience with it. We will be happy to consider input from our community members.

Since we have been breeding these awesome dogs for so many years now, it has really opened our eyes as to the true value of these little beauties. We have seen how, through life’s changing circumstances, they have brought comfort, companionship, stability and even a new view on life for some.
Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s) are becoming a more common need in our society. Some of the reasons for this are the increase in anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, autism, loneliness and isolation.

Nearly all of us are affected by mental health issues in some way, whether our own or that of someone close to us. They can be triggered by the death of a loved one, divorce, even severe illness or chemical imbalances in our bodies. These issues are not necessarily due to personal weakness, but they can definitely affect how we function in our day-to-day life and activities. They can plague any one of us, regardless of our age, culture, race, religion, educational background, or our financial status.

When one young man experienced a divorce and he felt like everything that meant anything to him was lost, his little dog, Yva, became his motivation to continue on after experiencing heartbreak and betrayal.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, one of our friends experienced severe anxiety and depression to a very dangerous level. We asked if she could take in one of our retired dogs and foster her on a permanent basis. She did that for us and later told me that Misty saved her life. Of course, I know there were other support factors that helped her through. But it makes me happy knowing that Misty played a significant role as well.
Many other people have told us how adopting one of our puppies so drastically improved their life. Of course, a dog is not by any means the complete solution to our mental health struggles. Proper medical attention needs to be addressed first. Getting a better understanding of our condition and following our medical team’s advice is very important. Addressing our spiritual needs is also essential. But a companion pet can definitely play an incredible role in getting us through difficult times.

How can an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) help you?

1. Provides companionship, love and someone to hug.
2. Encourages a balanced and stable routine.
3. Helps you stay physically active.
4. Adds amusement and joy to your life.
5. Gives you “someone” to take care of knowing they depend on you.
6. They can motivate you to not isolate yourself. You will socialize your dog and therefore be socializing yourself.

What will you need to be prepared for?

1. You will need to be in a stable living environment.
2. Have an approval from your landlord to have a dog.
3. Be able to provide sufficient food and medical maintenance care. Spay/neuter and essential vaccines. (Sometimes there are spay/neuter funds available in the community to help financially.)
4. Be physically able to exercise your dog.
5. Spend enough time in training and showing affection to your dog.
6. There will be an adjustment period in the beginning that might interrupt your normal sleep habits.
7. A dog can “tie you down” so be prepared for that added responsibility.

As of July 1st, 2023, we will make a $1,000 donation, as the first, to our “ESA Fund”. To begin with, this fund will apply to one of our “Older Pups” (14 weeks or older) or one of our retired adult dogs.

Every time someone buys one of our puppies at the regular price, we will donate $200 to this fund in their name (initials or first name only, along with the date will be shown on the website). 100% of the donations will be directed to the fund. I want this to be simple and transparent. I don’t want it to become some “big deal” that requires a lot of volunteers or anything like that. I just know that not every good dog owner can afford to buy one of these dogs at the full price. At this point, I think someone wishing to benefit from the fund should have a minimal investment of $200 of their own money. In this way they show they value this beloved companion and that it’s not just a “free dog” that can be neglected or discarded. This fee is not set in stone. So just talk to me.

If you are interested in being considered for this adoption program/fund, please contact me by email or call me (Kathy) directly 541-218-9958.