ESA Funds

(Emotional Support Animal)

This page will be for transparent display of current funds available as well as the recipients of the funds.
Please read all of the info on the "ESA Program" page as well as the "Terms/Conditions" page.
I anticipate that the majority of the funds here will be from Beloved Little Huskies. However, if you would like to donate to the fund or you wish to apply for assistance, please contact me at or text/call Kathy 541-218-9958.

Current Available Funds: $100

7/1/23 Beloved Little Huskies makes the first donation. $1,000
6/29/23 Jen H. $200
7/1/23 Mary K. $150
As of 7/1/23 Funds Balance Total: $1350
7/12/23 Our first ESA recipient Tracie A. She chose our little Stormy - previously Harrison ($750). At her doctor's recommendation he will accompany her to classes at the community college. He will help calm her when she has a panic attack or feels anxiety increasing.
As of 7/12/23 Funds Balance Total: $600
7/19/23 Beloved Little Huskies donates $800
As of 7/19/23 Funds Balance Total: $1400

7/25/23 Diana K. has been accpted as an assylee to the US from Lebanon. She's never owned a dog. Now she's welcomed our beloved little husky into her home at the recommendation of her doctor. Diana suffers from PTSD and depression. Having Jounieh (previously Diallo-$750) in her life has given her a beautiful companion and someone who depends on her. He loves her so very much. Her previous profession and passion was photography. So, we look forward to seeing many beautiful pictures of Jounieh.

As of 7/25/23 Funds Balance Total: $650
8/10/23 Leberly P. has adopted one of our pups today. He will be her companion and her emotional support. Sumo ($550) will be perfect for her.

As of 8/10/23 Funds Balance Total: $100