Male- Mini Husky/Eskimo

D.O.B. : 1/30/21

Weight: 15 lbs

From: Jasmine and Zephyr

"Emmett is delightfully playful and silly. Super smart and ready for adventure and learning. He is a true companion, loves time spent together and on walks or hanging out at home. He is crate trained and great on a leash. He makes an amazing coworker. To his person, he is super cuddly. He's learning to play nice with other dogs, too." He has a tendency to be dominant toward the younger children he's with now and that is the reason we're looking for a new home for him. He is still under a year old so he is still, technically, a "pup". He's ready for puppy classes. He's very trainable. He's neutered and up to date on his vaccines.

If you go to a shelter, you will likely pay close to $400 in adoption fees. This little guy will not have to spend time in a shelter, so there will not be that kind of trauma in his background. More important than the adoption fees is the assurance of a safe and loving home for him.

A lot of people want to skip the potty training part of having a puppy, so you are in luck with this little guy.

Please give me a call if you think he might be a good fit for your family.

He is located in the Portland area. I apologize for the reduced quality video files that were sent to me by text message, but hopefully it will give you and idea of the fun, cute little pup he is.

Emmett #1

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Emmett #2

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