Donna's Pack 




~ Male ~ 
UKC Registered Miniature American Eskimo
18 lbs
Although he is now retired....
It all began with Kokomo!
He's so special, we can't begin to say how much we love him.
A constant companion. A brave protector. Endless entertainment & joy.




~ Female ~

Eskimo/Klee Kai

silver & white

23 lbs

As beautiful as she is... her beauty doesn't compare to her sweet personality.





~ Female ~ 

Eskimo/Klee Kai

silver & white

19 lbs

This lovely girl NEVER gets too much hugging. She's absolutely precious.



"Little Sheila" 


“Little Sheila”

~ Female ~

UKC Miniature American Eskimo

13 lbs

Sheila is our little “social butterfly”.

She loves to play and tease and is a true LOVE. She's sweet in every way.



~ Female~

Eskimo/Mini Husky
16 pounds
Jasmine is a beautiful, sweet little girl.
We chose her specifically for her beauty and balance of personality.
She's affectionate and playful. She's a good watchdog. She's not at all a dominant dog but she's not timid either.
She's an excellent little "mommy".