Christina's Pack

Christina's pack started off being just our little "Misty". Christina provided her a retirement home. After that was working so well, she took in "Forest" to house train him and prepare him for his retirement home. Then it was "Zephyr's" turn.

She has fostered "Jenna and Kiara" (previously Ben's pack). They made themselves right at home with Christina in her little house in town. She has a nice fenced front and back yard, but all the dogs stay in the house with Christina. That's the way she likes it. And of course, the dogs LOVE it. When they are ready to retire in another year or so, they will be already trained and accustomed to indoor living.

Update: Kiara has been adopted by the vet who did her spay surgery. We are so excited that she has such a good home.


~ Female ~

Eskimo/Klee Kai

white with silver 

20-23 lbs

Jenna is a happy, friendly girl who likes the ball just like her dad, Kokomo.

She has a very balanced temperament and doesn't get so overly excited to force her affections on you the way her sister does. She is beautiful and so loving.

“Ayla Sioux”

~ Female ~

Eskimo/Klee Kai

Black & White

16-19 lbs

Ayla is the beautiful daughter of Kiara and Montana Sky.

She has those gorgeous blue eyes like her dad.

She is so smart and sweet and loves to sleep in Christina's bed.