$1700 (was $1900)

Mini Husky


D.O.B. 9/3/22

From: Butterfly & Sunrise

Estimated Adult Weight: 10-15 lbs

Ready for Adoption After: 10/29/22

Rum is named after the "Rum Creek Fire" that was burning near us at the time of his birth. He is just so unbelievably cute and sweet. He's a tiny bit shy right now but I'm sure he will outgrow it in a few more weeks. He has a very sweet gentle nature and is on the more petite size, so it will be important that his family family consists of careful, gentle children so that he doesn't get injured. He's just so tolerant and never tries to escape. So, I don't want him getting roughed up or dropped.

Keep in mind that if you can meet in Portland, Kelso, Tacoma or Tukwila on Saturday, December 3rd, I will give a big discount.

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