Mini Husky


D.O.B. 7/19/20

Ready for Adoption: 9/13/20

From Butterfly (20 lbs) and Zephyr (9 lbs)

Estimated Adult Weight: 15 lbs

(Estimated adult weight is calculated by an online prediction chart. It is usually pretty close but sometimes it ends up being way off.)

Kyla is black with a bright white chest and paws. She doesn't have the Husky markings but she will most likely have that beautiful Husky build and posture. We'll know more in the coming weeks. Please keep up on the videos I post below.

Butterfly's Babies 8/1/20

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Butterfly's "Kyla" - 1 Week 7/26/20

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Butterfly's Puppies (3 days old) 7/22/20

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