$1500 (was $1900)

Mini Husky


D.O.B. 9/3/22

From: Butterfly & Sunrise

Estimated Adult Weight: 20-25 lbs

Ready for Adoption After: 10/29/22

Ash is a beautiful light gray and gold color. It's possible this coloring could change to be more gold as he matures. Right now, though, he looks like a wolf cub. I love his eyes and his face. It's just so pretty. He's playful and outgoing and will be a fantastic hiking buddy. I love that heavy, bulky build of his.

Keep in mind that if you can meet in Portland, Kelso, Tacoma or Tukwila on Saturday, December 3rd, I will give a big discount.

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Butterfly's Boys @ 7 Weeks 10/24/22

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Butterfly's Pups 9-30-22

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