Ben's Pack



" Yva "

~ Female ~
Eskimo/Klee Kai
11 lbs
Plainly and simply...
THE MOST LOVED DOG IN THE WORLD!!! She will always be Ben's dog. Ben BELONGS to Yva.
She is no longer part of the "producing" pack, though.





~ Female ~

Eskimo/Klee Kai

white with silver 

23 lbs

Jenna is a happy, friendly girl who likes the ball just like her dad, Kokomo.



~ Female ~
Eskimo/Klee Kai
silver & white
22 lbs
Kiara is affectionate, inquisitive, and energetic. She thinks chasing the cat is GREAT fun.


~ Female ~
1/2 Eskimo/ 1/2 Alaskan Klee Kai
Dark Silver
20 lbs

Zoe is a beautiful silver Mini Husky with black highlights to her coat. She is gentle and sweet. I love how expressive she is in her eyes and the way she tilts her head while she gazes at you. She is just adorable!


~ Male ~
Klee Kai/Eskimo
silver & white
15 lbs

Charlie is the adorable baby of Yva and Forest. He's very friendly and outgoing like his daddy.
He likes to pester his mother but she keeps him in his place. He's a great little dog.