"Mini Husky" 

From: Ayla Souix & Sunrise

D.O.B: 11/17/22

 Estimated Adult Weight: 7-10 lbs

Ready for Adoption

This is a special situation. Little Aislynn was the first of her litter to be placed. She is beyond cute and adorable. However, she has been "difficult" for her adoptive family. She likes to be held non-stop, otherwise she hollers and cries. She gets along great with their other dog and sleeps all night in the crate with the other dog. But this little gal demands the attention of her people, the minute they're in sight. She hollers until she's held. The lady took her to work with her all week and she sat quietly by her feet or in her lap.

So... She is one of the tiniest puppies we've ever had. She will most likely be less than 10 lbs. She has the bluest eyes and will be a little "wolfy", "foxy" looking beauty. I've put a SUPER LOW price on her so that she can be placed in the right home as soon as possible. Just be prepared to have some firm training to help her understand her place in the family and that she can't be the boss.

OR......... Plan on having a 15-year constant "extension" of yourself. Some people wouldn't mind having a furry little baby to carry around at all times. (I highly recommend separation training, though.) Give me a call if you think you'll be perfect for her.

All the Pups 1/27/23

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