(Hold for Jollie & Lyka)

(Blue Eyes)



 "Mini Husky" 

From: Ayla Souix & Sunrise

D.O.B: 11/17/22

 Estimated Adult Weight: 12-16 lbs

Ready for Adoption

I love Aloisa's personality. She's playful but a little bit laid back. She has those beautiful blue eyes that will just melt your heart. She is also on the smaller side which is very desirable for people who need a little lap dog.

Her name means "famous warrior", but the only battle I see her waging is one against loneliness. And in THAT, she will defend you fiercely.

All the Pups 1/27/23

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Meadow's "Autumn" with Ayla's Pups 1/16/23

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Ayla Sioux's Babies 1/13/23

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