Our Fall puppies have started to arrive. I have left Louisa May on here so that while you wait for the next litters, you can see how she grew up so quickly.

We are taking deposits on future puppies. We are expecting litters to be born in October/November.

Meadow and Forest - Born 10/17/20 - 1 white female, 1 Husky male

Expected Litters From:

Sheila and Zephyr - Mid October

Fern and River - End of October

Willow and River - Oct/Nov

(Possibly) Zoe and River - Early November

(Possibly) Dovie and River - Early November

        LOUISA MAY         (Kenny's Pup)
        LOUISA MAY         (Kenny's Pup)

Mini Husky/Pomskie

DOB: 8/16/20

From: Jenna/Charlie

Estimated Adult Weight: 22-24 lbs

Ready for Adoption: 10/11/20


Current Deposits Waiting List:

#1 Natalie H. (Future Litter) Mini Husky

#2 Kristina H. (3/4 Eskimo Litter) White Female Eskie - 15-30 lbs

#3 Valerie K. (3/4 Eskimo Litter) White Male Eskie - 20-30 lbs

#4 Amanda L. (3/4 Eskimo Litter) Male - White Eskie/Mini Husky - under 30 lbs

#5 Sharlene (October Litter) White male or female puppy under 25 lbs.

#6 Jerry B. (3/4 Eskie) Female (preferred) - White Eskie/Mini Husky - under 30 lbs

#7 Chris L. (3/4 Eskie) Male/Female - White Eskie/Mini Husky - under 30 lbs

#8 Joe T. (October Litter) Male (preferred) - Mini Husky - under 30 lbs

#9 Alyssa (October Litter) Female - Mini Husky - over 20 lbs

#10 Lucy C. (October Litter) Male - Mini Husky - 18-30 lbs

#11 April Future male Husky - small

#12 Brendan & Manjula (October Litter) Male - Mini Husky - 15-35 lbs (similar to Forest)

#13 Brittany C. (9/29) (Oct Litter) Male/Female - White Eskie/Mini Husky - under 30 lbs

#14 Toan N. (Oct/Nov Litter) Male or Female - Mini Husky - 18-25 lbs

#15 Amber F. (Future Litter) Male or Female - Mini Husky - smaller side

#16 Sara T. (Oct/Nov Litter) Male or Female - Mini Husky - small as possible

#17 Becca A. (Oct/Nov Litter) Male or Female - Mini Husky - small

#18 Chad (Need by Dec 25th) Male or Female - Gray Mini Husky - 20 lbs


Mom and I have wondered how this COVID-19 situation will affect the adoption of our puppies. Unexpectedly, we have received higher than usual inquiries about our puppies, which is GREAT! It really is a GOOD time to get a puppy since many people are having more time at home to train their new "baby".

Our prices for the Husky-marked puppies have always ranged from $2000-2500. The white or cream/gold ones are $1200-1500. However... we realize that even if your job/income has not been affected tremendously yet, most likely there will be effects experienced later. So, to make things easier, we're starting our prices off lower than normal.

$1900 for the Huskies and $1000 for the white ones.

We're hoping that, inspite of the "abnormal" times we're currently experiencing, people can feel a sense of normalcy in their lives by being able to bring a puppy into their home. Puppies are definitely a great source joy and amusement even when things around us are stressful.

Extra Fees

Shipping is normally $500 if we can send them from Medford, OR.

In-person deliveries are made to

Tukwila, WA = $250

Wilsonville, OR (area) = $150

Springfield, OR = $75

Redding, CA = $150

Sacramento, CA (area) = $250

*** Please note that because of COVID-19 the airlines might not be letting puppies fly unaccompanied by a person. So, if you're not close enough to drive out here, you will likely have to fly into MFR (Medford, Oregon) to pick up your puppy. Sorry for the inconvenience.***


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