Mom and I have wondered how this COVID-19 situation will affect the adoption of our puppies. Unexpectedly, we have received higher than usual inquiries about our puppies, which is GREAT! It really is a GOOD time to get a puppy since many people are having more time at home to train their new "baby".

Our prices for the Husky-marked puppies have always ranged from $2000-2500. The white or cream/gold ones are $1200-1500. However... we realize that even if your job/income has not been affected tremendously yet, most likely there will be effects experienced later. So, to make things easier, we're starting our prices off lower than normal.

$1900 for the Huskies and $1000 for the white ones.

We're hoping that, inspite of the "abnormal" times we're currently experiencing, people can feel a sense of normalcy in their lives by being able to bring a puppy into their home. Puppies are definitely a great source joy and amusement even when things around us are stressful.

New Babies! 4-9-20

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The current puppies are all spoken for now. Hopefully, we will have another litter or two before summer is over. Maybe June. :)

*NOTE* Normally we fly pets to other states but right now the airlines are only flying pets in-cabin with a person accompanying them. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

If you would like to reserve a puppy before they are ready to leave their mom, or even before they are born, you are welcome to place a deposit.

<p>Dont't Give Up!</p>

Dont't Give Up!

More Mini Husky Puppies

to come. 

Hopefully, in June.


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