"Mini Husky"

(Klee Kai/Eskimo)

D.O.B. 12/18/19

Ready for Adoption 2/12/20

Estimated Adult Weight: 21-25 lbs

From Apache and Forest

(Alaskan Klee Kai - American Eskimo)

Quest is a very unique pup. I actually love his looks. He is dark silver and has a more subtle Husky mask. I love his fluffy tail with the big white tip. His personality is on the more shy side. He's very cautious and watchful. He will bark if he is uneasy about something but is, otherwise, very quiet. He reminds me of a wolf in that way. I know he was sleeping a lot on our last "photo day" but the next time, I'm sure he will be more awake and interesting to watch.

Apache's "Quest" Mini Husky 2-11-20

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Apache and Forest's Puppies 2-11-20

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Apache's Pups 2-11-20

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Apache's Mini Husky "Quest" 1-15-20

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Apache's Sleepy Babies 1-15-20

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Apache's Pups 1-15-20

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1-15-20 Apache's Mini Husky Puppies

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