$1,350 (was $1,900)


 "Mini Husky" 

 From: Apache Tears and Charlie

 D.O.B: 2/12/22 

 Estimated Adult Weight: 23-26 lbs

Ready for Adoption

"Lewis" is a real pretty pup. He's also on the BIG side of a "mini" which makes him perfect for long runs or hikes. His coat is mostly white with pretty "wolfy" silver patches. He's getting prettier all the time. I absolutely love those eyes! He has his mama's beautiful wolf eyes.

Please don't take the price reduction as meaning there is something wrong with these babies. They are GREAT pups just getting older and there is very little inquiries about them. It's so important to me that they get into their forever homes.

The photos are toward the bottom of this page.

Apache's Boys 5/7/22

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Apache's Boys 4/30/22

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Apache's Puppies 4/6/2022

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Apache's Pups Part 1 (3/28/22)

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Apache's Pups 3/28/22

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