"Mini Husky" 

From: Apache Tears & Montana Sky

D.O.B: 11/11/22

 Estimated Adult Weight: 18-22 lbs

Ready for Adoption

LAPU means "cedar bark" in the Hopi language. I thought the two names (Lallo & Lapu) sounded cute together. Lapu is not an extravert like some of these puppies. As long as there is competition, he stands back and avoids the drama. He loves to cuddle but also likes to play. He has his mother's beautiful, slanted, "wolfy" eyes. He's very mellow and will make a splendid companion.

Sweet Pups All Snuggled Up 1/27/23

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Marilla with Lallo & Lapu 1/16/23

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Lallo & Lapu with Marilla 1/16/23

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Apache's "Lallo & Lapu" 12/31/22

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Apache's Boys 12/16/22

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The Parents

Apache Tears (Mama) 22 lbs Montana Sky (Daddy) 15 lbs