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 "Mini Husky" 

From: Apache Tears & Montana Sky

D.O.B: 11/11/22

 Estimated Adult Weight: 14-18 lbs

Ready for Adoption

Lallo means "little boy" in the Kiowa language. This is a beautiful little boy. He is very shy and needs to be in his forever home so he can bond and gain his confidence. His mom and his dad both, are very loving and affectionate. Apache is a bit shy and cautious of strangers but very loyal to her people. Sky, the daddy, is more confident with strangers and is SUCH a gentleman. He's the perfect dog. Lallo will likely be a blend of the two.

Sweet Pups All Snuggled Up 1/27/23

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Marilla with Lallo & Lapu 1/16/23

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Lallo & Lapu with Marilla 1/16/23

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Apache's "Lallo & Lapu" 12/31/22

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Apache's Boys 12/16/22

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The Parents

Apache Tears (Mama) 22 lbs Montana Sky (Daddy) 15 lbs