$1000 (was $1600)


 "Mini Husky"

From: Apache Tears & Montana Sky

D.O.B: 6/18/23

Estimated Adult Weight: 15-20 lbs

Ready for Adoption

Anna is the friendly out going little sister. While she isn't shy, she likes to get her pets in and then likes to go about her business. I wouldn't say she is the cuddly type at the moment. A little more independent. She is SO SO cute! Her build makes her look smaller than her brother and sister, but she is super sturdy and weighs almost the same as they do. She looks like her dad but has brown eyes instead of blue.

5 Minutes with Andalusia, Romanya, Esperanza and Elsa & Anna 9/2/23

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Elsa, Anna and Esperanza, Andalusia & Romanya 9/2/23

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Anna, Romanya, Esperanza, & Andalusia 9/2/23

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