Who We Are


My name is Kathy. 

I've had this website created to introduce you to our family and to give you an idea of the environment our puppies come from.




I'll start with myself... 

I was born in Oregon in 1969.

My dad had a spirit of adventure and moved us to a few different states throughout my childhood, including California,

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama. I met my awesome husband in Alabama and we married in 1987. Two years later we moved to Arizona where our first son was born in 1991 followed by our second son in 1994. In 2004 we decided to move to where there were more trees, water, and beautiful greenery. Southern Oregon became my home once again. 2005 brought the arrival of our last precious boy.


I would say my favorite hobby is photography.

I especially enjoy maternity and newborn portrait photography. “Babies” just make my heart want to BURST!

I guess that's why I love puppies so much.


In 2006 Kokomo joined our family.

A beautiful Miniature American Eskimo puppy.

Even though he was my parents' pup, he became a love of our whole family. 

My mom adored him so much that she decided she wanted to breed and share these amazing dogs with other families.

THAT'S where it all started.




Now about my mom, Donna... 

She also was born in Southern Oregon in 1949.

She was a “country girl” from day one. She loved the mountains, trees, ferns and streams, native Americans, wolves,

wild horses, and eagles. She was fortunate enough to enjoy having wildlife as pets when she was growing up (when that was still legal). 

She has six brothers, some of whom enjoyed bringing her “wild” gifts. She had a pet deer, two pet squirrels, two pet mountain jays (all who had been orphaned) and even raised some baby quail and mallard ducks. She was very attached to her three donkeys,

one of her cows and one chicken in particular.


She became an awesome wife in 1968 and became the mother to four children, three girls and a boy.

She was industrious, hard-working, and followed and supported my dad in all his adventures.

I swear I could write a book about my mom. I love her so much.

But I need to stick to the relevant stuff here...


Other than teaching us kids faith, respect, and compassion for others,

she has always been very health conscious. She made our food from scratch, avoiding processed foods and just tried

to keep things as natural and nutritious as possible. That has remained a goal for her even when caring for her animals.

She continues to research and be as knowledgeable and as informed as possible when it comes to breeding and raising healthy,

happy dogs. In addition to their dry kibble, our dogs enjoy the specially made soups that Mom makes to pour over it.

She incorporates vitamins, meat broths, eggs, greens, other veggies, and even fruits like apples sometimes.

She makes her own treats which they ABSOLUTELY LOVE!


She continues to be an incredibly, hardworking, outdoor person

who always has time for entertaining and loving her seven grand “babies” and her dog “babies”.

OH … I can't forget … 

All of that is in addition to caring for her equally amazing mom who is approaching 100 years old before long.




Last, but surely not least, is my brother, Ben... 

He is an exceptionally special person. He was born in 1972.

From the time he was a toddler, he was an unusually compassionate and caring person, not only to his three sisters

but to all people and animal creatures. My mom thought he was sure to be a veterinarian when he grew up. 

There was never a “stranger” and he had a “love” for everyone. He still sees the positive in all people.

His world pretty much revolves around his twin daughters who were born in 2002... and his dogs. 

He has a passion for organic gardening and a mind for invention.

He's artistic and loves writing inspirational thoughts and poetry as well as nature photography,

particularly the sky and the clouds.

He has our mom's compassion and a strong sense of ethics and justice.


So that's “us” in a nutshell.

We help each other out with our dogs and our puppies.

Having healthy, happy dogs and puppies is a big job but also VERY rewarding. We are so happy when our adoptive families choose to stay in touch and send us updates and pictures of our precious pups as they grow up. It's so satisfying to see the joy and companionship

they bring to the lives of so many families all over the country.

~ "Our Kokomo" ~

Our sweet boy, Kokomo, was the first of our pack. He's retired now and at 14 years old is going strong. His vision is a little dim, he has lost a few teeth and his endurance isn't quite what it was. But he is healthy with no known health issues.

He's the pride of our pack.


This page needs to be updated a bit... Our precious Kokomo passed away a couple of weeks shy of 17 years old. He was such an amazing dog and we have so many, many fun memories of him. We will miss this little guy for sure!!!

February 16, 2006 - January 20, 2023